Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I started this contest a couple of days ago, after my graphic artist put together this photo-shop of Barry Hussein Obama's imagined first day in the Oval Office.

Here are the top entries. Somebody is going to get a free T-shirt out of this deal.

"Stop right there! Leave all that talk of democracy at the door!"

(From Joel, self-described Ann Coulter minion)

"Horns? What Horns? There ain't no horns!"


"I can truly be proud of America, finally," says Mrs. Obama

(From E.C.)

"CHANGE. The way life will be under me."

(From Marie)

"What, me worry?"

(From Dennis)

"Today is the First Day of the End of Life as We Know it."

(From Thomas in Iraq)

"Everyone who thinks we should have an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, please raise your hand."

(From Mark)

"No Troops Left Behind."

(From Rick J.)

"You are wearing me down, 'Bro.' OK, you can take your picture, but I'm not gonna smile..Got it?"

(From Angel)

Captain contest is closing tomorrow. The lucky devil to win a gorgeous t-shirt will be notified by this website.