Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Are you a dog lover? So am I, although I came by this deep affection late in life.

That's because my favorite dog Sugar was taken from me at an impressionable time (puberty) and I reeled from the loss. I was afraid to love a dog again, until  Riley came into our lives three years ago. She was the cutest puppy ever.

Now I am dog-crazy!

So is my best friend Cat. Even though her name is Cat, she is a dog-lover just like me.

Now she has a dog-blog. She writes in it when we aren't together cooking up schemes to ankle-bite the liberals who drive us crazy.

Since there are so many rabid weasel liberals where we live, it isn't easy finding the free time to capture the capers of Callahan, The Freedom Dog.

In my Youth  

Callie is a reformed French Bulldog. She was re-named a Freedom Dog after Cat got mad at the French following September 11th. Cat is thinking of changing Freedom Dog back to French Bulldog, now that the handsome Nicolas Sarkozy has made it clear that he likes us Americans.

Cat's dog-blog is quite entertaining. It also has many pictures of large breasted women. Really BIG hooters. But there is a point to the salacious photographs. Well, not really, but guys really like to look at boobs.

Read about Callahan's newest post "Don't Hate Me Because I'm beautiful" here.