Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

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My graphic designer, the fabulous Conni Krawesky, came up with this photo-shopped beauty for my column on President Obama's first day in office.


Here's a sample of a small bit of dialogue from President Obama's first Cabinet meeting (see link for full column here.)

Obama: Could Sergeant of Arms Hillary Clinton please bring order to the Oval Office? Very good. Let’s get to our agenda. First, let’s go to Secretary of Surrender Harry Reid.


Reid: Mr. President. We have prepared our troops for a quick and thorough surrender. I have consulted with Undersecretary of Surrender Jack Murtha on the redeployment to Tokyo.


Obama: Excellent. Secretary Reid: Have you spoken with Secretary of a Communist State Jane Fonda about repercussions on redeployment?


Reid: Secretary Fonda is busy in North Vietnam at the all-Terrorist United Nations gathering. The Vietcong have unveiled a statue commemorating her pose with the anti-aircraft gun pointed at the Americans during the Vietnam War.

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