Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

In just a few days, America's top General is going to deliver his second report to Congress on the stunning success of the surge, a counter-insurgency plan that has saved thousands of lives (including our own) in Iraq.

There will be caterwauling in the streets of D.C. as the usual crowd of anarchists attack those of us who support these brave men and women, calling us 'war whores' and much worse.

But Gathering Of Eagles, EaglesUp, Vets For Freedom, Families United and dozens of other organizations will be on-hand to wave the flag for our military and their families. See for details.

Band of Mothers, headed by Beverly Perlson of Chicago will be outside of the Congressional offices of Secretary of Surrender Nancy Pelosi, with her signs and her friends.

But if you can't go, do me a favor. Check out a new DVD called 'Outside The Wire' by JD Johannes.

We know that other Hollywood films with a distinctly un-American, pro-defeat point of view have been smash flops.



Prove to Hollywood that we are rooting for victory, stability, and a mostly Democratic country in Iraq to serve our national security needs by maintaining a beach-head against Islamic fundamental terrorists in the region.

Buy this DVD. Link here.

(This personal endorsement is not paid for. It comes straight from my heart. MM)