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Air America meglomaniac Randi Rhodes, who regularly turns her filth talk on conservatives like me, finds herself suspended after calling Geraldine Ferro and Hillary Clinton "Fucking Whores."

Why is everyone upset now? She's been doing this for YEARS.

Oh wait. I forgot. She said it about DEMOCRATS.

Was our Missy Bitchy 'drainkin' when she fired the shot across the bow at the ladies of the left? 

Brian Maloney at RadioEqualizer has a run-down on some of her boozy blasts.

From Mrs.Satan.Blogspot, a re-cap of Randi's claim to be assaulted by a stranger in New YorkCity.

 But it turns out the only thing that was seriously injured was her liver.

Gawker reports that Randi Rhodes wasn't attacked at all. Gawker is reporting the following:

    Randi Rhodes was no more assaulted by a right-wing fanatic on Monday than Dick Cheney was. She, in fact, fell down and injured her teeth outside of a Midtown Irish bar at around 6 o'clock Sunday evening after downing about fourteen Ketel One Bloody Marys. She was abusive to the barstaff and generally gross, crass, loud, and pretentious.

The same sentiments are being noted at FARK.

If this had happened to a "Rightie", the Left would be calling the person names, like "Drunky McFakeMugging," or maybe suggesting that it's time to check into the Betty Ford Clinic. We'll see if the Lefties hold Ratty Rhodes to the same standard that they hold and apply to others. Don't hold your breath waiting for it, though.