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 APRIL FOOLED, CodePink stunt angers Bay Area Media with 'prank'.

The United States Marines has decided to stand-down in face of anti-war protests by CodePink and others in Berkeley, Calif. this evening.

From CodePink website tonight.


Major Media Falls for Code Pink 'Prank' 

But, KTVU Channel 2 News in Oakland is planning to report the story tonight at 10:00 p.m.

Captain Rick Lund of the Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley assured Move America Forward that this story is not true.

(Did KTVU ask Captain Lund about the accuracy of the story? Could the MSM get this story so wrong? Oh, never mind. Just a rhetorical question.) 

UPDATE: KTVU has just reported on Move America Forward's press confernece in Berkeley, demanding that the US Attorney's office investigate violations of civil rights during our pro-troops rally in February.

Channel 2 warns the media: A hoax appears to be underway by organization(s) that purport that the Marine Recruiting Center has been shut-down as a result of pressure by CodePink to shutter the center.

This is a different tone and tenor than my conversation earlier this evening with the assignment editor who assured us this story is true, although refusing to cite their sources. KTVU also refused to take a statement from Move America Forward in reaction to the story.

ODD: No video of this story available at the Channel 2 website. I wonder why? 

UPDATE: 10:29 AND NOTHING. Wonder if the assignment desk is going to keep it's word that the story will be reported --"ONE WAY OR THE OTHER."   

 UPDATE: 10:14 p.m. and NO story or promo of CodePink's 'victory' over Marines, although there are three stories about Cesar Chavez and the rights of illegal immigrants.

UPATE: Stephen Pearcy, the peace activist who alerted me to the gloat-fest scheduled tomorrow just sent me this:

"I just heard the same thing--i.e., that it was an April fool's joke... Here's what the message said: i'm really really sorry- i just found out this is an april fool's trick cp is playing on the media to get them to a press conference tomorrow
i'm the real fool here." 
So we both got screwed.

I just spoke with an assignment editor at KTVU, and the reporters are now backing away from the story. A bit.  Regardless, Channel 2 says it will have a report one way or another. 

Too bad the Code Stinkos moved so quickly. Kinda ruined their media moment. 

Props to Michelle Malkin for suggesting that this is an April Fool's prank.

I have spoken today to a number of reporters who wasted hours chasing down this story last night. They are pissed. CodePink made up quotes from real government officials, the landlord of the Marine Recruiting Center and it didn't go down well from the 'pranksters.'

This further erodes the credibility of CodePink, Global Exchange, and AfterDowningStreet whack-jobs.

And that, folks, is a GOOD thing.