Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Breezy winds chilled the tempertures today as eight super-heated pro-troop supporters from around the Bay Area gathered in front of the United States Federal Building in San Francisco.

Jim Minder, Sherry Perussina, Bryan Weldon, Kevin Graves, Catherine Moy, myself, Ryan Gill, Danny Gonzalez, Eamon and Elizabeth Kelly (and Buddy, the dog, not pictured) stood in front of a podium at the fortified entrance to the US Attorney's office.

(photo of Kevin Graves, Gold Star Father)

ABC7, KTVU. Fox News Network, The Oakland Tribunethe Daily Californian,Digital Journal were on-hand to record our demand to Mr. Russoniello's office that any violators who are identified as harassing, intimidating, slapping, hitting, punching or otherwise harming pro-troop supporters at peaceful rallies such as we planned in Berkeley on 2/12/08 be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

All of us told stories about the lawlessness that ran rampant at our event, cited specific accounts of CodePink, their supporters, as well as truant Berkelely High school students, who were allowed to violate our rights.


(Photo Melanie Morgan, co-founder Move America Forward)

Members of Funk the War, The World Can't Wait, Global Exchange and Code Pink were (allegedly) involved in taking peace signs and hitting elderly women over the head, sending one man to the hospital for treatment after being shoved to the ground, and leaving a huge bruise on the arm of Deborah Johns, whose son William has served four tours of duty in Iraq.


(Photo L- to- R is Eamon Kelly, diasabled Marine, Bryan Weldon, Lafayette Flag Brigade and Elizabeth Kelly, Blue Star Mom, Sherry Perussina, Blue Star Mom)

After our news conference, we arrived in the inner sanctum of the 11th floor where we met with US Attorney Will Frentzen, who listened to our demands, and asked us many questions.

We were informed that the office would be in touch with the FBI to discuss the situation, and our letter would be passed around to lawyers in the civil division for consideration.

As we gathered our papers and prepared to leave, Eamon Kelly, USMC, asked Mr. Frantzen why the CodePink group was allowed to send $600,000 to the families of insurgents in Fallujah without consequence. That seemed to stop the U.S. Attorney for a moment, while he asked a few more questions about a well-documented trip by Medea Benjamin and others with the traitor group. 

Speaking as Chairman of Move America Forward, I thanked Mr. Frentzen and we departed.

Later, I found this YouTube video in my e-mail account that backs up our claims in Berkeley that the police ignored our requests for help, and allowed the CodePinkos to violate our permit (thus our civil rights.)


There is a brand-new website that went live today where all accounts of civil rights violations against people who attend events designed to encourage support for our military is being catalogued and documented as we go forward.


I urge you to visit and contribute.


If you see something, say something. Then do something. Especially if you are a citizen journalist on the streets at these events not only here in the San Francisco area, but all across the country.


We're are so over the Kumbaya crowd and it's make love, not war words, while their minions are plotting to bomb, hit, slap and punch people with whom they disagree.