Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

For devoted listeners of Rush Limbaugh, or Jeff Christie (as I used to know him back in our Kansas City rock and roll radio days) Operation Chaos spawned some worry and concern.


(Limbaugh growing more handsome and distinguished as the years go by.)


Operation Chaos is designed to encourage Republicans to cross party lines and vote for Hillary in the remaining Democrat primaries. Rush reasons correctly that the GOP isn't going to attack the Democrats, or at least not very effectively. So Republicans best hope is to create momentum for Hillary to keep attacking Obama, and Obama to attack back.

There is evidence that this strategery is working.

The (H)illarity of this move keeps me in stitches every day. I love the reaction from the Liberal political insiders (denouncing Rush) to the worried GOP grass-roots (chastising Rush.)

Besides being a radio genius, Rush always knows how to yank the chain of the Left, who spend every waking moment trying to put him in jeopardy with the establishment, and trying to turn his audience against him.


So, for the wishful Obama supporters, here's my advice. Give up on legal prosecution of free speech rights. And go back to your fainting, idolizing, and personality cult worship.

Rush ain't going nowhere -- except UP in the ratings.