Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I'm watching Senator McCain on Fox News delivering a strong, powerful speech in defense of staying the course in Iraq until stabilization is complete.

"I hate war. But I hate what happens when war is not finished."

The rest of the speech ..not so crazy about. Especially all the Global Warming baloney. It sounds to my ears like he's running a general election campaign now.

Also, I wish Senator McCain would speak about the war on pro-troop forces across the country, the brave people who are supporting his policies and our military.

But from the Fox News website today, fresh reporting on our efforts to shine daylight on the anarchy crowd when we published Move America Forward's 'Sedition Report.'

More from Fox on newly released Rasmussen Polling..

Results from today's tracking poll show that Senator McCain would beat Barrack Obama 51% to 41% if the election were held today.

And he would win 50% to 30% over Hillary.

Of course, the election isn't being held today, but it's encouraging news.