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Peace Thugs.

There is no other way to describe the people who terrorize Churches in Chicago, who splatter blood, human feces, and fire paint bombs loaded with glass at pro-troop supporters across the country.

These incidents are well-documented in Move America Forward's 'Sedition Report' on-line at 

The violence hit closer to home in Berkeley, Ca. where our pro-troopers were shoved, pushed and battered with peace signs by anarchist groups like Funk The War, The World Can’t Wait, Global Exchange, and International A.N.S.W.E.R. two months ago. (More on that story later.)

Over the weekend, I broke the story in West Chester, Pa. about a young female blogger who was assaulted while doing her job documenting both the pro-troop and anti-war dueling rallies.

‘Skye’ at Midnight Blue was slapped twice by a member of the anti-war movement, a peace terrorist, while video-taping an exchange between both sides.

The (alleged) Peace Slapper has been identified as John Meicht , a college professor who taught a course at Widener University last spring. has details and comments here.

(courtesy Syncro)



Skye was terribly traumatized by the incident, and did not release the video right away.

It's out there now.

And it's shocking.

A grown man slapping a woman.

Is this how they want to bring 'peace' to the world, by hitting females until they agree with them?

(updated link to YouTube)

And here's the MSM coverage of the incident.

This is a photo of The Slapper being Slapped with police handcuffs.


(Peace protester being handcuffed after shoving a police officer during the investigation) Photo courtesy of NeoCon

Go to Skye's website send a message of support.


 Skye with Larry Bailey of Gathering of Eagles.

This has been an emotionally difficult time for her.

Although Skye makes little money, she is pressing forward with possible legal action. Skye told me in an e-mail that she is not going to stand for someone violating her civil rights.


Americans shouldn’t stand for it either.

In Solidarity with Skye, all bloggers, and our troops,

Melanie Morgan