Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Folks--Come on Downnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

We're going to be in Berkeley Saturday morning, gathering around 10:00 in the morning with our pride in our United States Military in front of the Marine Recruiting Center at 64 Shattuck Square.

I'll be there to do some speechifying, which begins at Noon.

I'm going to ride into town with the Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder and other bikers (HOW COOL IS THAT!) ..

Join us in fighting the anti-American message from the rabid pinko weasels and have a great time with pro-troopers who LOVE our military men and women.

I will be on KRON4 at 8:15 tomorrow morning to talk about our great event.

Be there at Shattuck Square!

Bezerkley, California --here we come!