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Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Liberation Day, Iraq
Exclusive: Melanie Morgan pounds 'peace' protesters whose violence knows no end

Posted: March 21, 2008
1:00 am Eastern

By Melanie Morgan

I headed to Berkeley first thing Wednesday morning. Thousands of anti-war agitators promised to shut down cities on this anniversary of America's campaign to liberate Iraq and fight radical Muslims who want to cut our throats here at home.

I was pleased to see a strong presence of Berkeley police standing in front of the Marine recruiting center that "peace" activists have attacked at the urging of the Berkeley City Council. I would have been happier if U.S. Marshals were also there – and around the country at all recruiting centers that faced violence on Wednesday.

Groups such as Code Pink, the Worlds Can't Wait, Funk the War and other anarchist groups have unleashed violence and vandalism on recruiting centers across the country since just before American troops volunteered to free Iraq five years ago. My group, Move America Forward, last week released the "Sedition Report" outlining these attacks, which include gunfire pumped into recruiters' offices, human blood and feces tossed at them and bombs, fire and Molotov cocktails trained on the federal offices.

The violence doesn't surprise me. I've seen it firsthand, as I've stood against these rabid weasels in pink dresses and orange jumpsuits. The very first protesters to show up in Berkeley Wednesday morning went right to work defying the police. They then dumped a truckload of garbage on the streets in front of the Marine recruiting center. These clever clowns careened around the corner with a truck and a life-size "jail" chained to the back, stopping at the center. President Bush's face and the presidential seal were painted on the back, wearing jailhouse stripes.

Later in the day, a friend called me from Washington, D.C., where he and other patriots faced crazed "peace" protesters who threw bottles loaded with paint and glass chips. Some of the leftist loons chained themselves together, carried hateful signs such as this ditty: "Bush is the only dope worth shooting."

If this is what peace looks like, then we are all better without it. My nirvana does not include cross-dressing punks in pink carrying threats against the president of the United States. I've been in Iraq's battle zone, and I felt safer there than on the streets of Berkeley when the "peace" crowd is doing its thing.

Exposing the lies and radical behavior of the anti-war groups became my mission when they began terrorizing the true peace-loving people in America. I have seen it all. They hate this country, not just President Bush. They love Communist leaders, dictators or anarchy, not democracy. They coddle killers like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while jeering American presidents.

Their useful idiots in the House and Senate do their bidding. Rep. Jack Murtha, their hero, called Marines murderers before these Americans even face a jury. Sen. Harry Reid infamously said America had lost the war in Iraq.

Americans are catching on to these politicians' seditious behavior. Sens. Clinton and Obama are dropping in the polls against Sen. John McCain, a true American hero. A poll from the left-leaning Pew organization shows that most Americans now believe we are winning in Iraq.

That's probably why the protests flopped and turned into violent clashes rather than swarms of misguided, smelly hippies.

"Yet, despite the often creative costumes and messages, the protests were a far cry from the large and dramatic protests that marked the buildup to the war as well as the conflict's early months. Tens of thousands came to San Francisco in those days, making it an epicenter of the anti-war movement," according to the left-leaning San Francisco Chronicle in a rare moment of honest reporting.

Instead of condemning the violence against recruiters and peaceful patriots, the Democrats' top contenders, Clinton and Obama, joined in the radicals' cries to get out of Iraq.

"I will end this war," Obama said of one of his first acts if elected president. "It is the right thing to do." Clinton said the country "needs a commander in chief who will end the war in Iraq and bring (the troops) home."

And they call themselves leaders? Their policies would reopen the rape rooms of Iraq and lead to slaughter of thousands upon thousands of Iraqi people who now see hope for the first time since Saddam Hussein ruled with an iron fist. A premature withdrawal would significantly jeopardize American security as well.

After their tragic displays of hate and juvenile antics on Wednesday, many peaceniks bemoaned the fact that they didn't get the crowds of the past.

"I was hoping people would fill the streets, that it would be more mainstream. It's more of a fringe crowd," said Jan McCulloch, a Daly City nutrition teacher, according to the Contra Costa Times.

"It's resignation, apathy," said her friend, Deanna Bliss of San Francisco.

The lesson of March 19 is that the "peace" movement is desperate and so are its sad-sack leaders, Clinton and Obama. The lefties are resorting to violence where they once had thousands of dopes to follow their white-flag brigade.