Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The militant anti-war seditionists swarmed the streets of San Francisco and Berkeley, Ca. today with the intention of disrupting traffic, commerce and left behind a trail of environmental filth in their wake.

Bay Area Newsgroup has video from Berkeley's Marine Recruiting Center, where (sigh) Cindy Sheehan showed up. 

In Washington, D.C. District police cleared the way TWICE to allow anti-war demonstrators back in front of the military recruiting center on L Street, and that emboldened the terrorist tactics of the left to escalate. 

Kristinn Taylor from just notified me that the anarchists in D.C. were throwing glass-filled paint bombs at pro-troops supporters.

UPDATE: Kristinn reports that no one on the pro-troop side was injured. Thank God. But he's LIVID over the D.C. police response. 

Check out D.C. milblogger John Lilyea, who recorded his day chasing the moonbats. 

Back in the Bay Area, over 140 arrests as the international A.N.S.W.E.R., The World Can't Wait, Funk The World and Global Exchange practiced the dark arts of anarchy in the financial district of San Francisco. And the main event is yet to come later tonight. 

ABCNews7 interviewed me about why Pro-Troopers aren't in the streets doing battle with the crazies.

(Simple answer --we don't want to be associated with the loons. We have a positive message coming up with on Saturday.) 


(photo credit: San Francisco Chronicle) has complete coverage here. has a slanted report here. 

KGO Radio says that Berkeley High School students were cutting class to protest--again. More here.

NBC News 11 started early today in Berkeley, where I was interviewed in front of the Marine Recruiting Center.

Bay Area Protests, Arrests Mark 5 Years Of War

My group, Move America Forward, left the streets to the crazy people, doing media rather than counter-protesting. We don't want to be associated with the law-breaking that is taking place in the name of 'peace.' 

Here's our press release.



Antiwar groups respond with aggressive protests


March 19, 2008 marks the fifth anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, in which thousands of Americans who volunteered to serve put their lives on the line to liberate millions of Iraqis and protect the national security interests of the United States, which was attacked by radical Islamic terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. 


The nation’s largest pro-troop organization, Move America Forward (website: commends these brave warriors for their service to our country. 


“We’re proud of every man and woman who has served honorably in this struggle against America’s maniacal enemies and we’ll never forget how much we owe them,” said Melanie Morgan, MAF’s chairman. 


Debbie Lee, a MAF spokesman whose son was the first Navy SEAL to die in Operation Iraqi Freedom, said, “My son so believed in what he and his buddies were doing over there.  I know he’s proud of everyone carrying on that fight today.  I, too, am so proud of our men and women who continue to stand for our country.”


Meanwhile, antiwar radicals are using the occasion to promote their agenda of retreat and defeat in America’s battles against terrorism.  Many such groups are overtly  attempting to disrupt people’s business and cause havoc ,  at a time when antiwar protests have been growing palpably more bitter and violent.


Violence against recruiting centers has become a widespread and dangerous phenomenon, now quickly gaining momentum, as revealed in “The Sedition Report,” a document presented by Move America Forward at the National Press Club last week. 


“We most sincerely hope that no one is hurt and no property is damaged in today’s protests, but we’d be pretty surprised,” Morgan said. “I personally saw an anarchist from the ‘World Can’t Wait’ defy a Berkeley police officer while others from the group dumped a load of garbage in the streets.”


More than a dozen arrests had been made in the San Francisco Bay Area already as of this writing. 


Anti-war organizations are claiming today that support for the war in Iraq is plummeting.


The opposite is true, according to the left-leaning Pew Poll , which reports that 53 percent of Americans believe we are winning  in Iraq, due to the  change in tactics from the surge, commanded by General David Petraeus.


Move America Forward is hosting no events today, in hopes of minimizing the disruptiveness of the day’s demonstrations, but will participate in an event this Saturday in front of Berkeley, CA’s Marine office, which has been at the center of a political storm.  That event is being organized by Eagles Up, another pro-troop organization. ( )


“It hurts my heart so deeply when I see groups like SDS and World Can’t Wait fighting against this war when our troops are the ones fighting for our freedom,” said Lee.