Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Wednesday March 19th marks the 5th anniversary of liberation for the Iraqi people. Precious blood has been spilled to build a (mostly) democratic nation once ruled by a despotic madman who murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people, running rape rooms and torturing those who committed no offense against his regime.

Now, Saddam Hussein is residing in the hottest corner of Hell, and the United States Military has hunted down and killed thousands of Islamic terrorists who threaten our security, and that of the region.

We have established a beach-head against the fanatics, and made the area safer for that country, and re-ordered the balance of power in the Middle East. 

And for all that, Iraqi's are grateful. So am I.

53 percent of the American people believe now that we are winning the Iraq war, according to the left-leaning Pew polling.


“A development that promises to reshape the political landscape.” 

But not the activist/anarchist crowd in this country who can spew only mindless platitudes like "Bush Lied."

They are actively engaging in a campaign to undermine support for this war, and the warriors who fight it.

Tomorrow I will be in Berkeley, Calif. to stand with others from our Move America Forward staff and supporters as the assault begins again on the recruiting station there.

There is only one word for this type of behavior --SEDITION.

From today's WaPo the sedition crowd crowed over their plans to disrupt, assault, and make life miserable for ordinary people.

"We believe it will be an unprecedented day of action," said Lisa Fithian of the 5 Years Too Many coalition. "There will be people coming from almost 40 states to bring their message to those . . . that are promoting . . . and profiting from war.

"On one day, the anniversary of the war, we will intervene in their business," she said.

...Fithian invited the public to participate.

At the same time, she apologized. "We want to say to the people of Washington, D.C., those people who may be inconvenienced by our activities . . . we want to now extend our apology to you," she said. "Our intention is not to disrupt your day. But we ask that you keep things in context."

Get that? Fithian plans to make life a living hell in the District of Columbia, but she and her cretin friends are apologizing in advance.

Not. Gonna. Work.

Tomorrow in Berkeley, I anticipate the same kind of lawlessness. There will only be a few of us, perhaps the Patriot Guard Riders will join in, but we WON'T STAND DOWN.

People all across this wonderful country are rising up to say to the left-wing moonbats --ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I'll be in front of the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center on Shattuck Avenue with Catherine Moy, and Ryan Gill at 6:00 a.m.

You will know us by our sweatshirts that read "Our Troops, Our Heroes."