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First Elliot Spitzer.

And now, hours after being sworn in, Governor David Paterson admits he cheated on his wife.

And she admits to cheating on him!


 What's in the water in New York?

And in New Jersey. (Warning, another Democrat disgusting sex scandal. Hold your nose while reading.)

 This is horrible for Democrats. Awful. Really, really bad.


Because it reminds everyone that Senator Clinton's bed-hopping hubby might be back in the White House, chasing down chubby chicks (and skinny ones, too) while Madame President is sending her minions around looking for him.

Not. A. Pleasant. Thought.

And Barrack Hussein Obama has his own problems --though not sexual--with the race card that he is playing to his benefit, and now to his redound.


Haunted by association … Barack Obama, left, with the controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright in 2005.
Photo: AP

Let's see if these 'unfortunate circumstances' for the Democratic party conspire to help elect a Republican in November.

One thing is for sure. It doesn't help.