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UPDATE: The Code Stinkos in Berkeley continue Marine Recruiting Harrassment 

UPDATE: The cool crowd pushed back against threats to shut-down Tacoma Washington mall --defending Marine Recruiters! 

The incoherent ramblings of some disaffected soldiers over the weekend in Washington, D.C. was a complete bust.

Winter Soldier II wasn't even good street theater.

But the bad actors tried their damndest to slander our troops.

After-action reports here and here.

While Iraq Veterans Against the War were making our troops look like murderers, baby-rapers and thugs, the patriots took to the streets to celebrate our troops, our heroes.

We 'owned' Constitution Avenue in D.C. with our flag-waving crowd. The Eagles flew (really walked) in a five-mile long patriotic parade on Saturday. YankeeMom has a super report, and some great pictures, too here.

Meanwhile, the 'Peace' crowd has a hissy fit over "The Sedition Report" produced by Move America Forward. Jeff Gannon has details here.

Susan Duclos has a very compelling piece from Digital Media here.

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