Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Hells Bells.

If Howard Fineman of Newsweek and MSNBC's favorite Mainstream Media go-to guy can do his best reporting from the Green room (the holding area where guests get make-up and hair done) -- so can I.

I was invited on Hannity and Colmes on Friday night to talk about THE SEDITION REPORT  released by Move America Forward earlier in the day at a national press conference in Washington, D.C.

That was before the moonbats took to the streets spreading lies about our soldiers during the Iraq Veterans Against the War propaganda-fest. 

Of course, those half-baked contentions were  soundly refuted. 

I found out late that evening that the entire show was going to be Obama, Obama, Obama and his connection to the Trinity Church in Chicago and the hate-filled rantings of it's retiring pastor Jeremiah Wright.

As I was waiting to go on-the-air, Major Garrett of Fox News was on stand-by to do further reporting on his excellent interview with BHO in which he simply asked a number of questions like: "Did Reverand Wright marry you? Did Reverand Wright baptize your children? How often did you attend church? Did you donate money to the church?"

After that segment aired, Major Garrett's phone started buzzing. He recieved a call from Obama's campaign, and they were REAMING him over the report. From his end, I heard Garrett say "I have nothing to apologize for." 

He repeated that several times, and he amplified by saying that he was merely asking questions that everyone wanted answers to.

That did NOT satisfy Obama's people, and Garrett flushed a couple of times while responding to the invective thrown his way.

He finally ended the conversation by saying 'I'll see you guys in April after I go home and visit my three children who barely know their father anymore."

I was scheduled for the last segment with Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes. Bob Beckel, a Democrat strategist with whom I have shared a split screen on several previous occasions, appeared just before me.  

This time, he was FURIOUS. Madder than I have ever seen him on TV. He was making a point that I didn't really understand about kids who go to Obama's church growing up to become President, and was drilling Sean about that.


Here's the interesting part.

After the segment was over, I exchanged seats with Beckel. As he was leaving, he slammed the studio door so hard that it almost broke some expensive audio/video equipment, according to the technican who was threading my microphone.


Later, I asked him why he was so upset.

He replied ..."because Obama's people didn't vet him and now Hillary's going to win.'

Catch that? A senior Democrat strategist thinks that Obama has lost the campaign over his association with Reverand Jeremiah Wright's militant separatist language that includes statements like "God Damn America."

I pointed out in my segment that my co-author Catherine Moy wrote about Obama's close personal association at this very website about a year and a half ago. Catherine and I were excoriated for making that piece public.

What a difference a year or so makes, plus VIDEO of those hateful rantings.

I think Bob Beckel really loves Obama. But just a guess on my part. An educated guess, but a guess.

I know for a fact that Alan Colmes does.

My advice to any pundit going on TV --stay away from Bob Beckel when he gets mad.

You might get singed.

P.S. Beckel was really quite cordial after he cooled down. He even complimented me on my H&C segment.

And that's my complete report from Inside the Green Room....