Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Forgive me for being redundant on this website (but since it's my own I feel 'entitled' to repeat myself.)

I have thrown my four-ounce tube of toothpaste and small liquid bottles in my suitcase, a couple pair of jeans, a few sweaters and tons of files, documents and visuals I will need for Move America Forward's National Press Conference on Friday at 12:30 pdt in Washington, D.C.

Plus a can of lavender aerosol (my personal favorite) to spray on smelly hippies taking to the streets to undermine support for our troops with the anarchy crowd.

That's because they have figured out they have LOST the PR battle.

The latest polling is from the left-leaning Pew Research Group.

Support for war effort highest since 2006 From American public support for the military effort in Iraq has reached a highpoint unseen since the summer of 2006, a development that promises to reshape the political landscape.

According to late February polling conducted by The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 53 percent of Americans—a slim majority—now believe “the U.S. will ultimately succeed in achieving its goals” in Iraq. That figure is up from 42 percent in September 2007.

The percentage of those who believe the war in Iraq is going “very well” or “fairly well” is also up from 30 percent in February 2007 to 48 percent today.


But our work is FAR from done. 

 DemocratUnderground, Funk the World, The World Can't Wait, CodePink are other far-left groups funded by George Soros are ON THE MARCH this weekend! 


Move America Forward is joining together with EaglesUP, Gathering of Eagles, Families United and many other pro-troops organizations to splash some truth on a bunch of whacked-out people who lie like they breathe.


There is an organized, orchestrated effort going on right now to attack military recruiting centers, and the people who support the troops in city after city.

It is seriously getting weird. I keep saying, and will keep on saying until I'm blue in the face that we need federal authorities to start investigating the terroristic acts taking place in our American Cities.


Bryan Weldon at the Lafayette Flag Brigade just e-mailed this urgent ALERT from the San Francisco Bay area...

The wild hyena's from "World Can't Wait", showed up today at our honorable armed forces recruiting offices in Pleasant Hill

They say there coming back on the 19th of March. There were about 25 of them, complete with orange jump suits and bullhorns. They brought 20 ft. of heavy chain, to use to block office doors, that's when we made it perfectly clear that they would be arrested! they decided to leave.

We MUST show them that we will not tolerate this disgusting disgrace of our military!

This a wake up call! If we don't stop this nonsense now, we will become like Berkeley!

A frontal assault is taking place by the underground Left (just like the Sixties) and they are running wild in the streets.

Another reminder of what they are capable of. 


Here's a couple of dot connectors for you to consider.

Little Green Footballs Blog: Anti-War Loons Plan To Imprison Recruiters In Pittsburgh  

Next week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, anti-war lunatics are planning to storm a military recruiting office and imprison the recruiters in a “movable cage.”

 On Wednesday, March 19, POG will be holding a torch-lit march to a modern day castle of abominations—our local military recruiting station. If the station remains open, we intend to evict it and everything inside of it, occupy the location, and transform it into something useful for the community. We’ll also be bringing a movable cage in which to confine military recruiters until they no longer pose a danger to our friends and neighbors. 


POG Shuts Down Military-Recruitment Station in Pittsburgh
by Jenny
Saturday, Aug. 20, 2005 at 2:28 PM

Police attack blockade with tasers, dogs, and chemical weapons. Six arrested, two hospitalized, many injured. Urgent solidarity and help needed!  Click here:

Click here: BCC Students Drive Out Military Recruiters

Refresh my website over the next four days and I'll let everyone know what is happening in Washington, D.C. when I get there. Let's pray no one gets hurt. 

Hopefully, the MSM will pay attention and cover this story as well.

If they won't Michelle Malkin, the Pulitizer Prize journalist (in-waiting) will.

Meantime, Jason Mattera from Young America Foundation (who is working for Michelle covering the situation on the ground in D.C.) has been trailing Senator John Kerry to confront him about Winter Soldiers II.

This is GREAT TV.

There will also be blogging at where we are unveiling a new TV commerical that you can help fund by making a donation.

The time for talk is over.

The time for action is NOW.

Melanie Morgan