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UPDATE: As the entire planet knows, Spitzer is gone. Good riddance to hubris rubbish. 

UPDATE: From the pictures of the girls Elliott Spitzer was deciding who to pay $4,500 dollars for each visit.

(Sorry, folks, just couldn't resist!)

This lady is Candace, a "smoldering Caribbean beauty." We have nothing more to add to that:

This lady is Julia, a "beautiful European American university student" who European American university colleagues find "agreeable":

This lady is Skyler. Apparently, we'll "appreciate her energetic enthusiasm for life and passionate harmony," which means something.

Here are more prostitute ladies:

Ha ha, Alana and Camila only get three Whore Diamonds, those silly whores.


I'm breathless with anticipation every time I tune into the news about Elliot Spitzer, Hypocrite-in-Chief.

I am whip-sawed by each development...but I want to link to my pal Mark Williams, who does a daily show in Albany, New York and has every morsel and then some on Spitzer's foibles. Mark has insider stuff!

It's a GREAT read.


My heart goes out to Silda Wall Spitzer. Doesn't she look miserable --beyond devastated?

Women all across America are asking this question: Why do these jerks force the cheated-upon spouse to get up on National TV and humiliate them publicly? And --WHY DO THESE WOMEN DO IT?

Me, I'm just saying, I would be under the bed-covers for the 50 years. But since this is a 'victim-less' crime, maybe the women of the Left don't feel the same way I do.

I need an explanation.

Gloria? Hillary? Anyone? N.O.W?

The dirty dog politicans shouldn't hide behind their wives pantsuits and pearls.

Stand-up by yourself and face the music!!

UPDATE: Nora Ephron, cheated upon ex-wife of Carl Bernstein, weighs in.

The All-So-Snooty NY Times pontificates --note they do not address the actual charges against Spitzer. OH NO! That might be JUDGEMENTAL.

From we learn....

But more than a day after the scandal broke, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and other senior Democrats in the delegation had yet to call on Spitzer to quit.

On Wall Street, where Spitzer built his reputation as a crusader against shady practices and overly generous compensation, cheers and laughter erupted Monday from the trading floor when news broke of his potential ruin.

Many in the financial industry had long complained that the man known as "Mr. Clean" and the "Sheriff of Wall Street" was a sanctimonious bully who was just trying to advance his political career. Many Wall Streeters were delighted to see him get his comeuppance.

"The irony and the hypocrisy is almost too good to be true," said Bryn Dolan, a fundraiser who works with many Wall Street employees. "If he had any shame, he would've already resigned."

Meanwhile, back to Wonkette. Who is she? Or should I say, who WAS she?