Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The country is swept up in Obama-mania, the candidate who promises immediate withdrawal from Iraq just as we are winning the war.

 The anger in the streets is palpable. And in the middle of election madness, the hate-filled rhetoric of the anti-war crowd has gone under the radar of the Mainstream Media.

ALERT: An ugly thing is set to happen in Washington, D.C. this week.

The same people who are bombing Marine Recruiting Centers and assaulting pro-troop supporters in the streets of Berkeley are organizing to spread MORE lies about the men and women who are currently serving in Iraq.

They plan to make a false comparison to what the Vietnam Veterans were accused of, wrongly, 30 years ago. You have heard it for years--baby-rapers, murderers, insane soldiers let loose to strafe innocent civilians.

As recently as a few days ago, Cindy Sheehan, the woman who dishonors her son with lies about his service wrote this:

..Iraq Vets Against the War is holding a “Winter Soldier” event soon, and they will recount stories of how they participated in war crimes or witnessed war crimes, which is not in dispute because the entire invasion and occupation is a war crime. These young people came home alive and many of them will have to deal with their demons forever as my Vietnam veteran friends still do, but we families of soldiers who were killed will also be haunted by things we know and things we will never know or never know for sure. The stories of military neglect, abuse (sexual, physical, mental, emotional) or lies are almost as many as there are troops: living or dead...

The world according to Cindy says that our troops are participating in war crimes and atrocities, just like the Vietnam Veterans did..and the stories of abuse are continuing today.



This YouTube video explains it all.

Come with us to Washington to stand against the liars of the left, and their enablers.

Go to and for details.

I am leaving Thursday to join my friends and fellow patriots. Be there with me.