Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

No More.

We are NOT going to stand-by and watch the increasing attacks on our military recruiting offices, our military families, and we will question the patriotism of anyone who silently ignores a growing threat by domestic enemies.

Fortunately, our side has Michelle Malkin.

And groups like Gathering of Eagles and EaglesUp.

...and Move America Forward.

Plus our steely determination to win this war against the radicals who are escalating in guerrilla tactics to undermine our national security. 

Eagles Muster: A Call to Action for Our Troops!

Colonel Harry Riley of Eagles Up sent us this update on their planned pro-troop activities that take place Friday, March 14th and Saturday, March 15th.  Move America Forward will be joining forces with Eagles Up for these important events.


We will have a live webcast going all day Friday and Saturday at

Eagles Up and other organizations/movements are taking aim this month at groups of criminals, malcontents, traitors, seditionists, in the world of ANSWER, CODE PINK, IVAW, MOVEON.ORG, WINTER SOLDIER TESTIMONY, ISLAMIC RADICALS, and other elements with goals of America’s destruction. 

Rolling Thunder has invited supporters to participate in patriots March 14/15 events

We have two important objectives:

1.  To counter and challenge IVAW Winter Soldier II (WSII) Testimony on March 14 by demanding “truth”.  The theory of WSII is that our warriors and government policy is involved with or encouraging atrocities and other criminal prove such allegation, WSII must identify, time, date, place, witnesses, leadership, associated with any criminal activity and do so “under oath” to be considered worthy of investigation.

2.  Our second objective is to participate in a peaceful march in Washington, DC on March 15th that reflects a view of appreciation, uplifting, pride in America, our troops and families… not degrade, demean or denigrate our beloved nation, warriors and families.  This will be a positive event with flags, banners, patriotic music, fellowship, and oriented for the entire family of patriots. (march route: )

Americans are standing up to attacks on our nation and people from those that tend to support the constant drum beat of “surrender”.  But we are a minority and have to beg for citizen support when America is being attacked from within. The majority in America know these attacks are wrong but sit by and offer little to no resistance.  One gets the feeling America has lost it’s has no will to survive...has given up...has no spirit.......  Why should it take a 9-11 to wake America up??  The evidence of a much more threatening condition is all around us...apparent for decades...and we snooze..............

Would you have believed a few decades ago you would live to see what’s happening in America?  More importantly, can you believe what’s happening in our neighborhoods, to our recruting stations...well it is and we’ve allowed it to happen by inaction, lethargic short failing to exercise integrity and stand up morally and physically to the abuses that have nearly brought our nation to it’s knees.........

Thousands of “boots on the ground” are expected in Washington, DC on March 14/15 to confront/challenge one devious aspect of the threat on America...those that would have us surrender to the Islamic butchers and dishonor our’s a sacrifice for many of us to get to DC but it’s also a sacrifice for our families and warriors to offer up their lives.  The least we can do is protect their backs...what is right, what is wrong?

God help us if we don’t recognize the threat that is tearing the fabric of America in pieces, bit by bit. 

Join with America at the Winter Soldier II Testimony challenge on March 14th if you can, and the Washington, DC Mall on March 15th for our march.