Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I am having a flashback.

Several, in fact.

Each time I write about the bombing of the Marine Recruiting center in New York City, images in my head from the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon meld together.

I was there in 1983, reporting for my former employer, ABC. 

I spent nearly a month examining terrorism up close, and it's hate filled connections to Hamas and Hezbollah. 


Marine Compound, Beirut 1983 

I still have nightmares about the deaths of 283 Marines who were murdered by terrorists, just like our Marines are being attacked now.

Last time, it was foreign enemies.

Now it is domestic enemies.


Marine Recruiting Center, New York City, March 4th, 2008

The Left is growing increasingly impatient because they have lost all battles in the halls of Congress and with the hearts and minds of proud citizens of this country with their demand withdraw American troops from Iraq, just as we are winning the war.

Their hatred, hostility and traitorous behavior is a sign of desperation.

Homeland Security, are you watching? Do you hear our pleas for investigation and prosecution?

From today's New York Daily News on the latest.


“Fuck state power! And let’s be clear, the right wing groups like A Gathering of Eagles, and Move America Forward, are not only all about state power, but they want state power to be used to crush us. They represent the most reactionary elements of the state which support the most disgusting acts performed by “our troops,” from the bombing of Falluja to the torture of Iraqi civilians, to supporting the mercenary pigs of Blackwater.
You can argue that world can’t wait, Answer, and code pink are authoritarian groups, but who do you see wielding the ax at your throat the most, right now as you read these words? What is needed right now is direct confrontation of these right-wing assholes who are coming to our area, in order to silence and keep us in line (oink!). Think what great advancement and opportunities will come if the Marine station closes down, we can already see the great amount of debate and polarization that is happening just by challenging the existence of one military recruitment center. Let’s turn up the heat!!!

Catherine Moy at blogs about the situation.

“The deviant who bombed the Times Square recruiting station and the punks who harass and attack recruiters in Berkeley and elsewhere should understand something: The United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines don’t flinch when it comes to firebombs, Nazis, despots, Commies, IEDs, or smelly hippies.

The Times Square recruiters are back to work. But only a mental weakling would have thought anything different. Army Captain Charles Jaquillard said the incident was like a touch of inclement weather, according to the New York Times.

“For whatever reason this was done,” he said, “there are other ways to get a point across. Whatever that point was, whether it was to stop our recruiting operations or something else, obviously it was a fruitless effort.”
After the police left in the afternoon, Captain Jaquillard deployed two soldiers at the station because the shattered door had been removed. There were computers and other valuable equipment inside, as well as personnel records. The door was replaced in the afternoon.
Recruiting goes on, he emphasized, comparing the bombing to a spell of bad weather

Police captured more images of the fool on the bike who placed the IED. This may help solve the case and lead to his arrest and prosecution. Images of violence and crime are obviously important, which is why Move America Forward has demanded the city of Berkeley erect 24-hour surveillance at the Marine recruiting center on Shattuck Avenue.

Sure, the cameras would capture Code Pink doing yoga and scribbling on sidewalks like schoolgirls, but they would also snag the criminals who assault, batter and generally attack citizens trying to enter the recruiting center.”  

Now is the time to take to the streets, and make a POWERFUL STATEMENT to the rest of the country about our resolve to support military men and women in the efforts to defeat al-Queda and the Islamists and their enablers.

The same crypto-fascists who are vandalizing, harassing, assaulting people, while possibly bombing our Military recruiting centers, are  gathering in Washington next week.

Let's greet them with a fierce resolve to SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

(Gathering of Eagles in NYC today)

Go to Gathering of Eagles for the D.C. counter-protest that I will be attending NEXT WEEK.

Nine Pro-troops organizations are joining together --  Move America Forward, the great Harry Riley from EaglesUp, VetsforFreedom, Families United, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and many others. We are landing in D.C. to fight against International A.N.S.W.E.R., CodePink, Funk the World and the other desperate anti-war, anti-American groups.

Will you join me?

Action, not words.

That's what we need right now.

  Move America Forward will have details on our website for all the events in Washington, D.C.  March 14th and 15th