Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror


The demons that sit on the shoulders of the far left politicians in this country go by names like A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), Code Pink, and

These are radical left groups that are into violent protests which they call “Direct Action,” their justification for domestic terrorism.

They get behind causes like “The Israeli Siege of Gaza” and “End the Blockade in Cuba” and of course, the ever-popular since 1968 “End the War Now!”

While saying things like “Bring the Troops home”, like they care for the troops, they attack troop supporters and recruiting stations across the country.

All the while making certain to have their accessories like Cuban flags and Che apparel, Jihadi shemagh scarves, and just about anything that is opposed to the American way clearly visible as the latest fashion.

With dreams of bloodshed, mayhem, and of course, Ganja, swirling around in their brains, these idiots are in love with the romantic notion of the popularity of dissent within their peer groups.

It gets them stoned and it gets them laid.

That’s what a lot of it boils down to. They don’t care about America. They don’t care about the troops. Ninety percent of them couldn’t tell you two facts about Che or the reality of Gaza, or what really happened in Chicago in 1968.


They don’t care about anything but finding the lazy way to muddle through the system of entitlements and strive ultimately for the legalization of marijuana, the death of all authority, and ultimately Nirvana, the band not the state, because they couldn’t tell you what the state of nirvana really is.

“Dude, can I crash at yer pad tonight?”

But they are organizing for “Direct Action” at this year’s Democratic National Convention on a website called Recreate 68.

The way they turn domestic terrorism into “Direct Action” is merely a matter of personal preference and semantics. They say it is not terrorism, but it is “violent”…This is from the website Recreate ‘68:

To say that it is violent to destroy the machinery of a slaughterhouse or to break windows belonging to a party that promotes war is to prioritize property over human and animal life. This objection subtly validates violence against living creatures by focusing all attention on property rights and away from more fundamental issues.

They talk about Seattle as a model. Remember Seattle?

The organizer of Recreate ‘68 is Glenn Spagnuolo, a good buddy of…(drum roll please): Ward Churchill.

Their tentacles stretch underground throughout college campuses nationwide.

Another group preparing for “Direct Action” is called The RNC Welcoming Committee. This is how they define themselves:

The RNC Welcoming Committee is an anarchist/anti-authoritarian organizing body preparing for the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Our eyes need to open a little wider this year because while most of the screaming jihadis in the world are across the ocean (and let’s keep them there), we have our own tribes of screaming jihadis forming right here on our own soil.

And screaming jihadis from across the ocean are reaching out to them.

And the domestic screaming jihadis are stupid enough to believe that the Muslim screaming jihadis are of a similar mind.

What most of these groups consist of are what Vladimir Lenin called “Useful Idiots“.

More on all of this in days to come…