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Melanie and Tom at the Marine Recruiting Center on Wednesday

In a message dated 3/7/2008 4:56:17 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. writes:

Dear Ms. Moy, 

Over the past few weeks the City of Berkeley has significantly increased the police presence in the vicinity of the Marine Recruiters Station.  I believe we have adequate coverage at this point.  However, the City of Berkeley is a Mayor/Council - City Manager form of goverment and it is not appropriate for the Mayor to determine the appropriate level of police enforcement.  I will forward your e-mail to the City Manager and Police Chief for their information and consideration.  

Sincerely,Mayor Tom Bates

(Mayor Tom Bates standing in solidarity with CodePink.)


Dear Mayor Bates, 

Thank you for your response and forwarding our concerns to the police department. I am well aware of how your municipality is set up to work.

My concern is that you, as elected officials, are not doing everything you can to protect your citizens and businesses within your city.

You were elected to listen to citizens and work on the problems of the city. With all due respect, the Berkeley City Council has fueled a situation that, we fear, could inspire an escalation of deviant and volatile behavior among the "peace" crowd. 

While you were out of town on Thursday, we did see police patrols who were alert and working hard in the vicinity of the recruiters center. We thanked them for their service. 

You did not address the other issues that, we believe, are fueling the agitators who harass the Marine's and intimidate citizens.

To reiterate, we are asking you to simply erect a 24-hour taped surveillance system trained on the Marine center to ensure you capture any criminal activity. This is a simple, positive step that helps increase safety. 

Please refer to the earlier email about other very simple steps that would send a message to provocateurs and angry "peaceniks" around the country that you do not endorse their violent, disruptive behavior. It is in the best interests of all peace-loving people that the Berkeley City Council take action and stop this  charade. 

Very sincerely, Catherine Moy 

(Catherine Moy, Warrior Princess for our Troops)