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Fears at Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center...

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Dear Mayor Bates, I am sorry that Melanie Morgan and I missed you yesterday at your office. We had hoped you would take the time to get back with us today about our requests regarding stepped up security at the Marine Recruiting center in your town.

We want to see more police officers guarding the center, and request a full-time security camera on the area that can capture criminal behavior. Prosecution of criminals must follow. As you can see from Mrs. Malkin's reporting, the rash of violence by "peace" activists is a serious matter.

As you also know, left-wing activists have attacked people at the recruiting center in Berkeley. Media across the nation have reported such. And your favored group, Code Pink, encourages "forceful" behavior to close down recruiting centers, as you can read in Mrs. Malkin's article. 

I again will ask you to put a stop to the badgering and violation of others' civil rights at the Marine Recruiting Center by Code Pink and others. You can do this by rescinding the free parking space and noise permits that you have seen fit to give Code Pink.

The Berkeley City Council must also rescind its misguided resolution calling on activists to harass the Marines, and make a formal apology to the Marines and their families. Your actions and the resolutions of the City Council have encouraged this deviant behavior that knows no end. Peaceful Gandhi-style protest is one thing. Using IEDs, like that which was used in Times Square, and the tactics of Code Pink, are quite another.

We condemn this violence and your coddling of those whose daily goals include terrorizing recruiters. We at Move America Forward call on you to stop this dangerous charade now.

If anybody else is hurt during scuffles, bombings, assaults, batteries or any other violence at the Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center, we will hold you personally responsible.

It is utterly irresponsible for you and the Berkeley City Council to encourage dissidents to attack others while paying their bills with public funds. 

We await your response to our urgent request that you protect our Marine' and individuals visiting the recruiting center, rescind all resolutions giving favor to Code Pink and urging people to protest the Marines, and offer a formal apology to the Marines for your grievous and un-American actions. 

Sincerely, Catherine MoyExecutive Director, Move America Forward