Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Mark Williams, Fox News contributor, nationally known talk-show host, as well as KSFO  fill-in, hosted this weekend's annual Santa Rosa's 'Support Our Troops' rally to an appreciative crowd. In his usual droll and understated way, Mark handled one of seven anti-war protestors who seem to have nothing better to do on a beautiful California sunny day than to get in Mark's face. Read the highly amusing piece that Mark filed .







 Mark is the guy on the right...where he usually is

"Here's the audio of the confrontation between Mark Williams and a man who refused to identify himself. Mark asked a fairly straight-forward question." If the majority of the American public agrees with you, then why are there only seven of you here?" The anti-war activist blamed the war in Iraq on the Jews. And the New York Times. Well, that explains everything! 

June 23 2007 Iraq Rally Santa Rosa