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I heard about the bombing at the Marine Recruiting Center in New York early this morning, and flew like a bat out of hell to Berkeley.

I have just returned after marching over to Mayor Tom Bates office and served notice to his representative and the City Council we will HOLD THEM PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE if any violence ensues in moonbat central.

Catherine Moy, Executive Director for Move America Forward, jumped in her big honkin' SUV and joined me in speaking with Gordon Wozniak, Berkeley City Councilman who does believe that the Marines are owed an apology for the letter that was to be sent calling our Marines 'unwelcome and unwanted intruders.'

Wozniak says that the police chief has been notified, and that an increased step-up in patrols is underway now. I personally noted that two and three officers are now at the MRC on Shattuck Avenue. And that's a good thing.

I have been warning that violence is on the increase against our servicemen and women, which is why MAF produced the TV commerical pointing out that over a dozen assaults have taken place in recent months, including New York, Washington, and beyond. This is simply unacceptable.

Meanwhile, back at the Marine Recruiting Center, I sent this photo to Michelle Malkin from my iPhone:

Carrying on the left-wing kiddie human shield tradition, here’s a Pinko blocking the recruitment center with her infant:



 Zanne Joi, CodePink spokesperson, jaywalked with this baby across the street, put him in the CodeStink van WITHOUT A CHILD SAFETY SEAT.

A Berkeley police officer chased her down, and chewed her out for endangering the life of the child. Move America Forward's supporters watched dumbfounded.

Hello, calling Britney Spears! 

Eamon Kelly, his wonderful mother Elizabeth, John from Alameda, and others either are in Berkeley right now to make sure nothing happens to the Center, and the rumor is that the Patriot Guard is riding up now.

This is seriously scary stuff. Thank God no one was hurt in New York Time.

NBC11 is on the story.

Activists Fear Bombing At Berkeley Marine Recruiting Center

 POSTED: 1:08 pm PST March 6, 2008

UPDATED: 2:24 pm PST March 6, 2008

 BERKELEY, Calif. -- After a bombing at a Marine recruiting center at Times Square in New York City, Bay Area military supporters came to Berkeley City Hall Thursday to express concerns that the city's Marine recruiting center could suffer a similar attack.

Melanie Morgan, a former talk show host at KSFO radio in San Francisco and member of the conservative grass roots political organization "Move America Forward," said she and her group are very concerned.
SLIDESHOW: Berkeley PD Beefs Up Security After NYC Marine Bombing  Morgan said she was calling on Berkeley mayor Tom Bates to ensure the recruiting center would be protected from a bombing of any kind.  She and other protesters visited Bates' office but he was not there.  


They spoke to City Council Member Gordon Wozniak, NBC11's Jodi Hernandez reported.  Wozniak told Morgan and her group that he felt the situation warranted extra security.  NBC11 found several Berkeley police officers stationed in front of or near the Marine recruiting center Thursday.  Police have stepped up their patrols some, but had already increased security at the building since a series of protests surrounding a letter written by the city calling the Marines "unwanted invaders."

Recruiters Warned By Army After Times Square Blast

The Army advised recruiting stations across the country to use extra caution after the New York City blast.  The Pentagon said no official warning or higher state of alert has been issued. A spokesman said occasional vandalism does happen at recruiting stations "from time to time."  Berkeley has drawn heavy criticism nationally for giving the liberal grass-roots political group Code Pink a parking spot directly in front of the Marine recruiting station.  Code Pink has launched a "counter recruitment" plan at military recruitment centers throughout the country.  "This approach calls for creative, forceful tactics to confront a murderous, imperial, military machine that recruits youth like cannon fodder," a statement on the Code Pink Web site read. "Thousands of activists have responded to this call by forcefully demonstrating at recruitment centers, community events, and high schools where military recruiters often lie and deceive. Code Pink and Raging Grannies have occupied recruitment centers and student groups have tossed recruiters off campus, grabbing headlines while changing public opinion."  There have been no incidents of any kind in front of the Marine recruiting station.  Wozniak said he hoped it would stay that way.  There are 15 military recruiting stations in the greater Bay Area. One Marine official told Hernandez that they spent much of Thursday morning making sure that officials at each station knew about the situation at Time Square in New York.

Bloomberg Vows To Discover Attacker

During a news conference Thursday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed authorities will track down the person responsible for the incident.  The explosion caused minor damage and no injuries, but it prompted a huge police response that disrupted travel through and beneath Times Square.   "The fact this appears directed at a military recruiting station insults every one of our brave men and women in uniform stationed around the world fighting to defend this country we hold so dear," Bloomberg said during a Thursday morning news conference.   He called the person who conducted the bombing a "coward" and said it wouldn't stop New Yorkers or himself from going about their day.  New York Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly described the bomb used in the explosion as a "low-order explosive device." He said it was in a small ammunition box and detonated by an unknown means.  One witness saw a person riding on a bicycle on the pedestrian island shortly before the explosion acting in a "suspicious manner," Kelly said.