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Melanie Morgan Gets the Boot

Politically-correct, conservative KSFO talk show host Melanie Morgan annonced yesterday that her contract would not be renewed due to financial issues over at KSFO's corporate parent, Citadel Broadcasting Corp. Co-host of the Lee Rodgers & Melanie Morgan Show, Morgan is somewhat (in)famous for jump starting the Gov. Gray Davis recall, which has since left us with Gov. Schwarzenegger; and calling for the rape, murder, hair-pulling, and vivisection of New York Times editor Bill Keller. (Okay, not really, what she actually said was that if Bill Keller should be tried for treason, he should face the ultimate penalty, which is death. So..there you go.)

Regardless of your political slant, we recommend checking out her site. She's entertainingly angry at times. Also, the Bay Area based conservative activist sometimes drinks while she writes -- just like us! We smell a wacky friendship brewing.

Anyway, when Morgan leaves the airwaves, her early morning slot will indeed be filled. But according to KSFO program director Ken Berry, "it won't be with someone the stature of Melanie."

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