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Here's a look at what the media analysts like John Rook are saying today about the former ABC/Citadel financial mess...and how it affects KSFO and the rest of the business.

The brain-dead tin-foil hat brigade weighs in with it's stupid, misinformed and plain ridiculous speculation about the lay-offs (me) at KSFO...while taking credit for getting me fired.

Nice try, Spocko.

But don't let the facts get in the way of your party.


"Melanie was an activist as well as an on-the-air personality and we liked that," Ken Berry said. "Certainly, she was controversial. But we don't shy away from that here."Instead, Morgan's departure has more to do with the financial problems of KSFO's corporate parent, Citadel Broadcasting Corp., which purchased ABC Radio stations from the Walt Disney Corp. last year. Citadel shares have lost 87 percent of their value over the past year. Last month, Citadel reported a fourth-quarter net loss of $848 million."Obviously, we're facing a downturn in the business and we're trying to please the stockholders and the investors, " Berry said. He declined to say if other cuts would follow.

(See above posting from media analysts.)