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RadioEqualizer has a new posting.

I will be posting a bigger 'Think' piece on what is happening to conservative talk radio in the next few days.

Meanwhile, I am reading every e-mail and responding to those who don't use the word c-*$#, b-*!%^, or other vulgar language.

Or threats, like from Media Matters Karl Frisch who wrote to Josh Richman, a Bay Area political reporter:

Karl Frisch, spokesman for Media Matters – the watchdog group from which I culled the three controversial Morgan quotations above — just got back to me.

“A lot of people say these are just fringe characters that deserve no notice whatsoever. We take a different opinion because, whether it’s Melanie Morgan or Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, these people are communicating to a large audience and it has a ripple effect,” he said. “It’s important that these people are held accountable for accuracy and for the kind of fear-mongering and hate speech that they use on so regular a basis. And just because Melanie Morgan is off the air doesn’t mean she’s off our radar.”

Guess what, Karl.


Here is the full text of Brian Maloney's piece today at RadioEqualizer

Left, Right Weigh In On Citadel- ABC Radio Meltdown

Citadel-ABC Radio Sackings Ignite Debate

Were partisan motives
behind this week's bloodbath at Citadel- ABC Radio stations nationwide?

A day after the second wave of cuts included highly- successful conservative talker Melanie Morgan of KSFO/ San Francisco, both left and right- leaning pundits are presenting theories.

From the conservative side, some (including blog commenters) believe your Radio Equalizer has failed to make a strong enough connection between Morgan's sacking and
Citadel CEO Farid Suleman's history of liberal political contributions. Gateway Pundit has more on this theory here.

American Thinker, on the other hand, took a more neutral view of the circumstances, while National Review's Media Blog looks for a Latin translator.

Given Morgan's strong ratings and highly- visible presence in the Bay Area, her firing does make little sense, especially considering her unmatched ability to generate free publicity for the station.

Meanwhile, on the left, many bloggers
reacted with glee upon hearing that longtime nemesis Morgan had been sacked. Several tried to use her termination to make the case that conservative talk radio was no longer succeeding, but continuing strong ratings (especially during an election year) make that assertion downright foolish.

As could be expected, the
usual name- calling thrown at Morgan during the best of times was applied liberally after she was made redundant:

Melanie Morgan canned from KSFO
by Paddy · Monday March 03, 08:52 PM

Wow, this sure made me feel much better!!! All sorts of evil things I could say are ping ponging thru my head, but I'll refrain.

Guess Who Got Canned!

Okay, okay, everybody. Enough with the emails! Yes, I know that my old nemesis Melanoma Miscarriage has been fired from her job at KSFO.

Melanie morgan R.I.P 1994-2008

Morgan is not retiring or anything, she'll continue her weekly column for the right-wing website WorldNetDaily and her avocation horrifying small children by biting the heads off their pets; or eating living things for tourists for small change in Union Square or Fisherman's Wharf.

Meanwhile, entertainment reporter Brad Kava seems to recognize the bigger picture: that the loss of local air talent is bad for radio, regardless of whether the host is liberal or conservative.

And Media Matters
seems almost disappointed to think they might not have her to kick around anymore.

In the end, Citadel-ABC Radio's wipeout hurts us all, as voices on both the left and right are wiped out for the sole purpose of temporarily propping up a failed CEO.

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