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Well, folks, I woke up this morning with a hang-over, but what the hell. It's not often you have a great excuse to get plastered, and surprisingly, my attitude today is pretty damn good.


Because my e-mail inbox is loaded to the gills with thousands and thousands of very supportive letters for which I am extremely grateful. It's even amusing to read some of the dopey liberal e-mailers who think I got what was coming to me, and taking credit for my lay-off. As usual, all the lefty e-mails were filled with ugly obscenities. Typical.

I wish that I could e-mail every single one of you back, but I might not get around to finishing the job until 2012!

I will post some of the great comments and good wishes like from my esteemed friend Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.

 March 04, 2008

Talk radio crisis looms

Thomas Lifson
Some of the most important talk radio outlets in the country face a serious crisis, thanks to a botched buyout of the former ABC/Disney owned stations by Citadel Broadcasting. The Las Vegas-based company, now called Citadel-ABC radio, has seen expenses rise while revenues declined, and is now enforcing draconian layoffs at such stations as WABC in New York, KABC in Los Angeles, WBAP in Dallas, and KSFO in San Francisco.This morning, it is personal for me, as San Francisco broadcasting legend Melanie Morgan no longer graces the airwaves on KSFO's Morning Show. Melanie is more than a talk show host, she is an  activist who has actually made a difference, time and time again. You could ask former California governor Gray Davis about the recall drive that Melanie launched. Toxic MTBE is no longer poisoning California's water supply, thanks to Melanie's efforts. And Code Pink's Medea Benjamin probably hates Melanie more than she hates President Bush or capitalism, thanks to Melanie's counter-demonstrations. It won't be long before Melanie is back on the air, I am sure. But in the meantime, she will be missed. Brian Maloney, the Radio Equalizer, owns the story of Citadel-ABC's declne. Read his coverage here.  In the meantime, thanks and best regards from American Thinker to our friend Melanie.

And BACK AT YA, Thom!

And from the Mighty Michelle Malkin.

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