Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

The hard-left crowd just can't help themselves --mocking people who love our country and support our troops.

From the creepy kids at Newshounds.

Bill O'Reilly and Melanie Morgan Sound An Anti-American Alarm for Berkeley


Bill O'Reilly, once again, believes he has the right and authority to label cities filled with hardworking taxpaying citizens anti-American . He even believes he has the right to authorize boycotts to hurt the Americans trying to make their livings and raise their families in these places.Melanie Morgan joined him , 2/28/08, to plant the mark of the traitor on Berkeley, California because they did not want Marine recruiters in their town and refuse to apologize for the decision.

[Correction: We are demanding an apology for the destruction at the Marine Recruiting office, the illegal acts taking place there on a daily basis, and the grave insult to the Marines and their families.] 

Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward, have taken action with a petition hoping that the town will be ostracized and hurt financially for their decision.

 [Correction kiddies --I said that Move America Forward is demanding an apology]

She's proud to say that she's taking her show on the road in hope of hurting other towns who've made the same choice.

[Correction: We are going to point out every act of anarchy by the left who say they support the troops, but destroy their office buildings.]

She believes that her behavior makes her a great American. Here's how she puts it.

."their anti-American opinion. And everybody around the rest of the country watching this has a perfect opportunity to say, hey, you know, we don't support this kind of attitude. And we are going to boycott you until you say you're sorry, until you apologize. That's a reasonable response by reasonable Americans."

[Correction: I pointed out that Move America Forward is NOT involved in the boycott by BrigadeAmerica but understand why people think it's a perfectly reasonable response.]

This gave BOR a chance to give his familiar culture warrior speech that he enjoys so much.

"Some might say, and to the Marine families and other military people who, absolutely, have a right to be insulted, look, you know what Berkeley, California is. You know that it's been this way for 40 years. It's an anti-military, anti- American, they would say it's not, but I believe that they want a total breakdown of America's power structure, and then a different country, the secular progressive vision. So why should anybody care about what they say?"

[MM: People should care because we have documented over a dozen violent attacks from the 'peace crowd' on Marine, Navy and other military recruiting centers who are doing their dead-level best to bring qualified people into the services so that idiots at NewsHounds don't have their heads cut-off by Islamic extremists.] 

comment: How many times has Bill O'Reilly done this sort of thing? Yet he still has the gall to call Arianna Huffington a nazi .