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 Harry Riley, US Col. (retired) and Founder of EaglesUp has an action alert for everyone!

Show Your Resolve: March to Washington

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Three retired Army officers, recently returned from Iraq and others will be marching from the SC/NC  Stateline and ending at the U.S. Capitol (1 Mar to 16 Mar 2008).  Dennis McCool, Carl Heerup and Marc Breslow will be walking 400 miles in an event called "Resolve To Win" .  The reason is to show support for the Troops and the Mission of the Troops. The purpose is to demonstrate resolve to do a difficult task and to create a dialogue about our National Will to win.
We are looking for participation and support from everyone in getting the word out to the active duty, military civilians, local community and veteran organizations to support this effort.  This event will be supported by many American Legion and VFW Posts along the route of the march. We expect this event will be getting National coverage by Fox News and other local and national media.

It is the desire of the men organizing and performing this March to get as many people along the route as possible to show we as Americans support our troops, the military leadership in Iraq and want to win this conflict. Everyone is encouraged to join in this Resolve to Win March. If anyone desires to join the march for a mile, an hour, a day or just standing along the side of the road, you can join in anywhere along the route and march as long as you like. Motorcycle participation is encouraged to assist the marchers through busy intersections and to travel up and down each days march route to draw attention to the event. Many American Legion Post & VFWs will be participating and supporting this effort.  For example, Spotsylvania, VA Post 320 will have their Honor Guard participate in the march and other members plan to join the march as well.

This march is strictly to show support for our troops in Iraq.. It's not political, nor is it to support any particular party. This is an endorsement of General Petraeus's leadership and the skill, talent and sacrifice of our Troops to win in Iraq. Our troops need to know we remember them, by showing our Patriotism, that we care and support them and that they are and will not be forgotten now or later.

This march will start at RT 301 SC/NC Stateline and eventually pickup RT 1 North all the way to the U.S. Capitol.  See March Route and Schedule for details. A summary of the 16 day March, route and schedule is at and detailed route of march is available in a Google Pedometer Map
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