Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Attacks against military recruiters and their offices are growing around the United States, spurred by anti-American anarchists who thrash the centers, assault and batter people, and intimidate those who want to serve their country.

Attackers throw rocks, chain themselves to doors, punch and kick, spray paint graffiti, break windows, yell, and generally vandalize recruiting centers across the nation in repeated attacks.

Code Pink, an anti-war group that gave more than $600,000 to terrorists’ families in Iraq, is calling for anti-military agitators to escalate attacks on U.S. Government offices where the military work with potential recruits on their futures. The group outlines ways for followers to terrorize recruiters, shut down recruiting stations and stop people from exercising the Constitutional rights to pursue their life’s goals.

Anti-war and anarchists groups have already attacked military recruiting centers in Washington, D.C., Berkeley, Calif.; Minneapolis, Minn.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Santa Monica, Calif.; Toledo, Ohio; Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Pittsburgh, Penn.; Haverhill, Mass., and New York, N.Y. This is a partial list.
“Actions by these hateful groups should remind Americans that we have a well-defined enemy living here at home,” said MAF Chairman Melanie Morgan. “This is a danger to our homeland security, and the federal government must take actions to stop the violence. Patriots are standing up to the anarchists, but it is the government’s duty to ensure the safety of its citizens and to end the mayhem.”

The anarchists are heightening violence and feed off their mob hits. They use terrorist tactics to intimidate without leaving prosecutable evidence. Here is a piece linked to the recent vandalism of a south Minneapolis recruiting center, at which two 40-pound rocks were hurled through the windows.

“One of the most effective forms of industrial or military sabotage limits itself to damage that can never be thoroughly proven – or even proven at all – to be anything deliberate. It is like an invisible political movement; perhaps it isn’t there at all. If a bomb is wired to a car’s ignition, then obviously there is an enemy; if public building or a political headquarters is blown up, then there is a political enemy. But if an accident, or a series of accidents, occurs, if equipment merely fails to function, if it appears faulty, especially in a slow fashion, over a period of natural time, with numerous small failures and misfirings- then the victim, whether a person or a party or a country, can never marshal itself to defend itself.”

Though they pride themselves on being “anarchists,” these groups are well organized and disciplined in their attacks. Once an action begins, the fervor of destruction feeds on itself and others join in. The events are not unlike attacks from packs of rabid dogs.
In a recent attack on a Washington, D.C., recruiters’ office, a group called Funk the War broke into the office using guerilla tactics. They claim to have outnumbered peace officers while vandalizing the office until “it looked like a tornado had swept through the lobby,” as they said in their own words.

This is how they described their own actions:

After many previous protests had found the 14th st recruiter “closed” at 5PM, Funk the War found them open, and the door unlocked at nearer to 6Pm and promptly exploited the situation by demonstrating to them first hand how an occupying force behaves.

After a loud commotion inside while outnumbered cops watched, recruiters finally managed to get protesters to leave-but not before literature and full-body length cardboard displays in the street window area were destroyed. In addition, hundreds more “Funk the War” stickers were plastered all over just about everything that would take them. By the time everyone was out it looked like a tornado had swept through the lobby.

One recruiter tried to grab an activist but found himself overpowered by SDS’s superior strength and numbers and had no choice but to give up!

A post at the Website from “Anarchi “ chides those who didn’t participate in the mob attack:

“So for all of you naysayers: Where where you last night??? SDS went a trashed a recruiting station what did you do?
For SdS: Awesome action, I must say it got escalated and it was pretty rad, a bunch of students who actually give a shit about something going and doing what was right to the government or should I say taxpayer funded offices of child predators in army costumes or as some might know them military recruiters! I hope SdS does more stuff like this in the future or even better stuff.

”Hopefully those dumbass recruiters will get ready to leave, after a smashed window in ‘07 and a trashed inside in ‘08 (and hopefully many more trashings) If they don’t a nice friendly warning: Pack up your crap and leave and there will be no problems but if you stay know this people don’t like you they don’t want you in their communities and they will make sure you leave one way or another!”

The most infamous attacks have occurred in Berkeley, Calif., where Move America Forward and other patriots have pushed back. The Berkeley City Council instigated further actions at the Berkeley Marine recruiting station by issuing free parking permits and noise permits to Code Pink, and passing a resolution encouraging anti-war forces to close down the offices.

The Berkeley City Council refuses to apologize to the Marines and now faces millions of dollars of lost city revenue from nationwide boycotts pushed by powerful businesspeople. Pending legislation would also take away millions of taxpayer dollars from the city for its attack on the Marines. Move America Forward will not stop pressure until the city council rescinds all three of its anti-military resolutions and apologizes to the Marines.

It is past time for leaders in the Senate and House to demand an investigation into the nationwide epidemic of attacks on recruiting stations. U.S. Attorneys should prosecute the agitators. The Constitution provides that the federal government be able to raise an Army during wartime. The escalation in attacks is not only costing taxpayers money, but they could cripple the country’s ability to defend herself. If this isn’t treason, what is?

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