Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

 America-haters in Berkeley

The anti-American losers led by George Soros’s want to wage another battle against America this summer and they’re betting millions on it.The Washington Times rightly pointed out that this group of cretins lost $3 million last summer trying to stop Republicans and other patriots from supporting our troops and their missions.Well, alert to the left: Patriots will NOT stand down. Move America Forward has heard from thousands upon thousands of people over the past two weeks, and we are ready to go toe-to-toe with those who lead the white-flag brigade.Following is a story by S.A. Miller of the Times. I have added my own comments in between that did not appear in the story: By S.A. Miller
February 21, 2008
 An antiwar coalition is retooling its message for a multimillion-dollar campaign to link the Iraq war to American economic woes. The group's leaders will announce its plan today. Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI), a coalition of liberal groups including, is implementing the tactic, "Iraq Campaign 2008," after spending at least $3 million on its failed "Iraq Summer" campaign that prodded congressional Republicans to support the Democrats' troop pullout plan.

If George Soros wants to continue pouring  his money down a liberal outhouse, he has that right.

 AAEI now plans to spend millions of dollars "shining a light on the cost of war and mobilizing the growing majority of Americans who oppose spending billions to continue Bush's endless war," spokeswoman Moira Mack said.

A majority of folks are more concerned that the U.S. Government spends 60 percent of our taxpayers’ dollars on entitlements instead of for our country’s protection. Spending on our troops, veterans, weapons, etc., only accounts for 20 percent of our budget, thanks to Bill Clinton who decimated the military and allowed the Muslim jihadists to kill 3,000 innocents on Sept. 11.

 The group also has taken aim at the Republican presidential front-runner, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, for saying he would keep U.S. forces in Iraq for 100 years if necessary.

Sen. McCain is a real war hero. He knows a whole lot more about war and peace-keeping than a bunch of society’s losers who wear pink skirts and don’t even know how to take a bath.

 The early focus on Mr. McCain likely will rekindle Republican charges that the group is partisan, criticism voiced when the summer campaign did not target congressional Democrats who opposed the proposed withdrawal.

Well, that goes without saying. If it walks like a traitor and talks like a traitor . . .

 The latest campaign will highlight what the group views as the majority of Americans who want their tax dollars spent on priorities at home and "establishing real security throughout the world" instead of the Iraq war, Ms. Mack said.

I suppose Ms. Mack would like the U.S. to secure the world by sending our troops to Darfur. If these lefties are so worried about security, they should zip their yaps and get jobs so they can pay taxes like the rest of us.

 "As economic concerns weigh heavily on the minds of Americans, opposition to President Bush's reckless war in Iraq continues to grow," she said. "The massive cost of the war in Iraq — hurtling toward $1 trillion — has increased demand for a strategy to bring U.S. troops home." Our troops say they want to come home – after they WIN. Let’s talk about the massive costs of welfare, then we are getting somewhere.