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Well, that didn’t take long. The N.Y. Times has written a shoddy and scandalous smear of Sen. John McCain even before the GOP could officially choose him as its presidential nominee.

The Times dredged up some 8-year-old rumors of a relationship between McCain and a female lobbyist. If you’ve taken your anti-acids, you can read the article at N.Y. Slimes.

We know that the N.Y. Times just ain’t what she used to be. And we know it’s a left-wing attack rag. As a MSM journalist of almost 20 years, I am disgusted by the Times. Where are the sources? Why aren’t them named?

If one of my reporters brought this tripe to me when I was an editor, I would have tuned him up. If it happened again, I would have fired him.

The Times should have just come right out and said it: We’re infected with Obama-manic Delirium Disorder (ODD) . Instead of the entire staff fainting like silly girls at an Obomination Rally, they use the Old Gray Lady’s pages to smear his likely opponent.

We should expect no less of the once great newspaper. As Melanie Morgan has pointed out numerous times, the Newspaper has given away national intelligence to our enemies in a time of war. Shameful and shameless.

Perhaps the Times’ latest outrage will inspire others as it has me. As a conservative, I am ready to vote for McCain now that the Slimes and its sad stable of so-called journalists have let loose their slime machine on McCain.