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Berkeley Mayor Tom "Pretty in Pinko" Bates


A day after a huge counter-protest to the Berkeley City Council’s attack on the U.S. Marines, anti-American forces on Wednesday were again harassing the Marines at the Shattuck Avenue officers’ recruiting office.


"We came here on Monday and it was closed, it was closed on Tuesday, they closed early on Thursday and guess what, they're closed today," said Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, the individual who sent more than $600,000 to terrorists’ families in Iraq.


 “If this is all it takes to shut down the Marine recruiting center, we've succeeded," said Oakland resident Sabrina Martin of World Can't Wait, the Communist group that organized the protest.


Free Republic reported Friday’s events. The entire thread can be viewed here



Berkeley “journalist” to Patriots: You are “CLEARLY LIFE’S LOSERS”


A fascist Berkeley City Council that pretends to be liberal deserves Baby Goebbels who call themselves journalists. Becky O'Malley wrote in the Berkeley Planet on Friday that the folks who protested the council’s foolish actions were “clearly life’s losers:”


What was most striking about the parkside people was how pathetic they seemed, clearly life’s losers, tricked by a dishonest regime into sacrificing their beloved children, siblings and spouses for Halliburton’s profits. They claimed that the council’s statement that Marine recruiters aren’t welcome in Berkeley would hurt the Marines’ feelings, but no current Marines, a pretty tough bunch, showed up to say how bad they felt. There were some ex-Marines there, men who didn’t seem to have gained much from their tour of duty, more to be pitied than censured.

 What is refreshing about Ms. O’Malley’s rantings is that she doesn’t pretend to be fair or balanced, unlike many with whom I’ve worked in the MSM. Like her brethren in the left-wing media, O’Malley claimed no Marines showed up for the protest against the City Council. Hmmmm. I met many Marines, some in Dress Blues. I wrote about one in particular at Human Events at 


O’Malley is blinded by Commie Pink and sniffing patchoulli that she missed the young men willing to die for her right to make a fool of herself. It’s probably time for O’Malley to sign up as Berkeley Mayor Bate’s spokesmouth. She already spews the talking points of his wildly dangerous policies.