Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Before I go away for a week or so to soak up the sun in a faraway location, I want to introduce you to my guest Blogger Catherine Moy.

She's my heart and soul --a pinky-swear Sister. We call each other Sissy, because we love each other so much.

While I take my first vacation from the front-lines in battling the moonbats in nearly two years, let me tell you that Cat Moy is smarter, tougher, meaner, and more effective in battling the Lefty's than I am.

Plus, she can swear like a sailor and stab the crazies with her words far better than I can ever dream of. 

Cat and I co-authored a book together called "American Mourning" which became an best-seller. We met each other during the Cindy Sheehan halycon days when she and her anti-war, CodePink, George Soros days dominated the news cycle.

I'll be back in California to appear before the state GOP convention for a panel on the future of 'Talk Radio and What It Means for Politics' at the Hyatt Embarcadero on Feb. 23rd. After that, I hope to have anther week of vacation to just unplug.

In the meantime, our message of support for our troops who are risking their damn lives while the arm-chair Generals like Nancy Pelosi, Jack Murtha and Harry Reid intone in stentorian tones that 'the war is lost' has prevailed. History will prove us right. Even the MSM is now forced to admit the surge is working, and our fine young men and women in Iraq are doing the work that even coalition forces won't do now.

Be dazzled by Cat's words.

I always am.

Thank-you readers for clicking onto my website and please continue do so while I take a brief break from the endless ugliness we see from our elected liberal leaders and their enablers.

Back soon,



Before I go, please check out this link to how Patriotic Americans are learning from our lesson in Berkeley that we have to FIGHT BACK against Code Pinko.