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Yesterday afternoon during the protest in Berkeley, a KTVU reporter asked me what I thought would happen during the Council meeting that extended until 2:00 in the morning.

I said NOTHING would change. They would vote to moderate their language, but they would not address the preferential treatment using taxpayer funds for CodePinkos to harrass the Marine Recruiting Center.

Nor did they vote to apologize.

This reporter disagreed. He said they would back down.

I bet him a Coca-Cola he would be wrong.

On the rocks, please.




Catherine Moy, Move America Forward Executive Director, reports that during the City Council meeting last night, a deeply moving incident took place.

"One young marine who just had surgery on his back a few days ago, was so exhausted and in pain that some of our patriots held him up, because he wanted to stand proud. I was able to get a chair for him, and he finally took a seat. He was too weak at the end of the evening to make it up the stairs to speak. Some of our men offered to carry him, but the young Marine was just exhausted. The love for that Marine really showed the respect our patriots truly do have our troops. It was more than touching and something I will never forget."

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(Melanie Morgan and members of Move America Forward at a rally held in Berkeley Ca., February 12, 2008-- Photo courtesy of Move America Forward)