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February 11th, 2008 10:40 AM Eastern

Berkeley Military Bashers Meet Marine Supporters

More than one thousand of you have commented on my post about the Berekely City Council’s request that the Marine Recruiters there hit the road. If you haven’t seen it, click here.

Berkeley’s Mayor has even offered to help the Marines get out of their recruiting office lease early. Senator Jim DeMint, who doesn’t even represent California took swift action…proposing legislation that would strip Berkeley of some of its federal funding after the Berkeley City Council passed a formal resolution that if the Marines choose to stay they are doing so as “unwelcome intruders“.

You have overwhelming supported the actions of Senator DeMint and hundreds of you cared enough to write Mayor Tom Bates and the City Council members who voted in favor of that resolution ordering the Marines to go. Now I’ve learned you can take your support a step further.

Joe Wierzbicki of, tells me they will rally at the Marine recruiting office in Berkeley Tuesday.

This photo of Mayor Bates with a Code Pink hat is courtesy of Joe Wierzbicki and

Clearly, the Code Pink protestors -who now have a designated parking space in front of that military office thanks to those who “run” Berkeley- will be in attendance and I will post any photos I get so you can monitor the turnout. But if you are near Berkeley and want to show your support, go to for the details of the rally and how you can support our troops!

Leave your message for the Mayor and City Council members here!