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Assemblyman Guy Houston of Livermore is sponsoring a bill in the state legislature to strip Berkeley of STATE transportation funding in light of it's outrageous stand against the Marines.

Houston's office says the measure will deny Berkeley $3.3 million dollars of transportation bond money due to the fact the Council voted to give taxpayers dollars for a parking right-of-way to Code Pink.

Houston will join us at 7:35 a.m. Friday morning on Hottalk 560 KSFO to discuss this new measure.







California has become ground-zero in the battle over  the virulent hatred shown to our troops during a time of war.

 We didn't pick this fight,  but we damn sure will finish it.


Here are some of the mainstream media pick-ups today from the Berkeley push-back that we are planning for this Tuesday, February 12th at the Berkeley City Council meeting where we will present our petition from thousands of angry Americans sick of this leftist language that directly undermines the efforts to recruit people to the Marines, stifling their free speech rights, and violating countless local and federal laws by CodePink and their supporters in the process.  



Code Pink plans to be at Tuesday's council meeting, as does a pro-military group called Move America Forward, which said Wednesday it is bringing the mother of the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq from Arizona. Move America Forward plans to stage a daylong protest in front the council chambers. 

Also same story at Contra Costa Times:   




 A new issue has popped up, inspired by, CodePink and others who claim to 'support our troops, but not their mission.' Related links:    




War memorial in Napa

By Heather Ishimaru



John Stephens is with a very loose-knit anti-war group in Napa that calls itself UNCOIL. That stands for United Napans Concerned Over the Iraq Lunacy. He says they were inspired the controversial hillside crosses displayed last year in Lafayette. The crosses are made of 1x4 lumber and cost about $4.00 to make. UNCOIL members take up donations to pay for them and have work parties to build them. They are given away for free to people who want one for their front yard.

Catherine Moy and Move America Forward say the best way to support the troops is to write supportive letters and send care packages. On February 12, Move America Forward plans to spend the entire day demonstrating in Berkeley, protesting what it sees at that city’s anti-American, anti-troop activity.

Support us by directing people to our on-line petition at Move America Forward.


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