Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror


Despite today's news reports from DrudgeReport and Michelle Malkin that the Berkeley City Council is beginning to soften it's hateful rhetoric against our troops --WE WILL NOT STAND DOWN.


Fight Back Against Berkeley City Council!






SAN FRANCISCO – The nation’s largest pro-troop organization, Move America Forward (website: ) will organize a protest against the Berkeley City Council this Tuesday, February 12th.


The protest is in response to the Berkeley City Council resolutions against the U.S. Marine Recruiting Center and the decree that our troops are “unwelcome intruders.”


The protests will last all day – with picketing to begin at 5:00 AM outside the Berkeley City Council chambers at 2134 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.


The main event will take place beginning at 5:00 PM when pro-troop supporters will gather en masse for a “Support Our Troops” rally ahead of the 7:00 PM City Council Meeting.


Move America Forward is collecting signatures from thousands of Americans who are furious with the recent actions by the Berkeley City Council against the men and women of the United States military.


In October, Move America Forward organized a giant pro-troop rally at the Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley to show solidarity with the U.S. Marine Corps.


Supporters from throughout the nation will be coming to Berkeley for the February 12th protests.

Complete details, including travel information is available at the Move America Forward website:

 Members of the media may also obtain more information by calling Mary Pearson at:  (916) 441-6197.