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Many of you know that I live in Marin County, Calif. which is one of the most liberal counties in America.

We prize our stunning views of Mount Tamalpais where we run, walk, amble, and work very hard to keep as a pristine natural resource.


We also enjoy the Corte Madera creek that feeds into the San Francisco Bay (which regularly floods because the politicans can't pass a flood control measure although they can ban smoking within 40 feet of a public building) and lead a laid-back lifestyle.

Life is pretty easy here.

IF you are a liberal.

And an elderly exhibitionist.

It's pretty tough, though, if you are a conservative and especially so if you are a conservative kid.

An 18-year old senior student e-mailed me about his free speech rights that have been trampled at his high school (which shall remain nameless for obvious reasons.)

What's the problem? He doesn't support Hillary Clinton. 

Read this.

 I listen to your show whenever possible, which unfortunately, isn't often.


I am writing to you to report an example of how "liberal tolerance" is often contradiction in terms.


Last week, I proudly hung a Stop Senator Hillary Clinton poster, courtesy of my grandmother, on my locker.  It was very popular among my friends and many other students, including Barack-supporting Democrats.  The day after I hung it, however, it was violently torn down, judging by the leftover tape fragments.




Dear angry Democrat who tore down my poster,

I suggest you read this obscure document called the Constitution, specifically the 1ST


 Amendment in the Bill of Rights. It has to do with this thing called freedom of


 speech, which I am guaranteed under said Bill of Rights, and something you are evidently not familiar with. I will not be silenced by you. Free speech, economic

liberty, and limited government for all!!!



Proud Neo-Con member of the GOP

PS: That poster was a gift from my grandma!

 Thinking I violated some sort of school rule , I asked the dean if he or any other teachers removed it. 

According to him, he didn't, and if he did, he would have told me and would have given it back. 

At that point, I realized it was an act of vandalism by a very angry and insecure liberal/Democrat, possibly a woman.  Undaunted, I made a word document an anti-Hillary poster of my own, made 3 copies, and taped them to my locker.  Current score: me 2, anonymous Hillary lover 1. 

This is disgusting, and so typically common-place in Marin. Anyone who doesn't conform to liberal thinking, especially our kids, is ridiculed, mocked and sometimes attacked both physically and verbally.

This has GOT to stop.