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Medea Benjamin (co-founded of Code Pinko) forwarded to me her nasty response to Karl G. who wrote that his company is now boycotting Berkeley.

First, the snarky, ugly comments of Benjamin (remember, she sent over $600,000 to the families of terrorists who have murdered our troops.)

If you are so proud of your action, Karl, then why don’t  you sign your last name or say what your business is? Perhaps you’re worried that the IRS might ask why you spent so much of your income on tax-deductible “meals and meeting expenses”?
Please reveal your identity. Thank you.
Medea Benjamin

(Ed. Interesting that Medea Benjamin, a traitor to her country, is threatening a law-abiding citizen about his 'taxes.'  Somebody should be looking into Code Pink's tax filings. Just guessing, but I think there would plenty of irregularities.)

Good Morning "Code Pink Corps"
Our company has just completed an analysis of the funds we have spent during 2007 within the city limits of Berkeley.  The number was larger than I expected:  $230,716.  This amount is broken down in the following categories:
Meals and meeting expenses:  $43,807; Printing, copies and imaging services:  $36,954.  Shipping expenses $18,534; temporary employment $103,954; Office supplies and equipment purchases: $27,467.
Our expenses above in Berkeley increased by about12% this past year.  We have budgeted a similar increase for 2008.
Because of the actions of "CodePink" and the Berkeley City Council we find that we must now exercise our 'freedom to act' and not do business within the City of Berkeley any longer.  Over the next five years, the City of Berkeley will lose just from our organization from $1.4 to $1.7 million in business.  


We will still grow our business successfully but we will fulfill our service needs, including meals and meeting expenses, at locations OTHER THAN BERKELEY.  We are also encouraging our colleagues and business associates to do the same.  Many will not be as direct as we are in communicating to you our actions.
While we regret that this action will hurt many worthy individuals and businesses in Berkeley, we are sure to gain a more friendly business environment elsewhere as our business continues to thrive.  Gee, ain't freedom and free markets great?
You've made your decisions .... we have made ours.
Karl G.
copies to:  Berkeley City Council
                SF Chronicle reporters Rubenstein & Fagan
                Melanie Morgan, KSFO Radio
                CEO of Berkeley Downtown Business Association
                CodePink Corps
                Neil Cavuto, Your World, Fox News Channel