Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Here's what I take away --the Democrats were in full pretense mode to support our troops ...standing, applauding when it was appropriate. FOR A CHANGE.

Iraq, and the success of the surge, and the imperative to communicate this to our American public is vital.

(Yes, I know there were other aspects of the speech that need comment, but I'm focused like a laser on Iraq, and I will have full commentary tomorrow morning on my radio show at 560 KSFO Radio, or

These are the words that the President spoke tonight-- delivered straight to my heart:


When we met last year, many said containing the violence was impossible.  A year later, high profile terrorist attacks are down, civilian deaths are down, and sectarian killings are down.

When we met last year, militia extremists -- some armed and trained by Iran -- were wreaking havoc in large areas of Iraq.  A year later, Coalition and Iraqi forces have killed or captured hundreds of militia fighters.  And Iraqis of all backgrounds increasingly realize that defeating these militia fighters is critical to the future of their country.

When we met last year, al Qaida had sanctuaries in many areas of Iraq, and their leaders had just offered American forces safe passage out of the country.  Today, it is al Qaida that is searching for safe passage.