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Just askin' here, but some input from the liberal/Democrat Husband Unit who speculates that Alpha Dog William Jefferson Clinton may actually want Hillary to lose the nomination --because he won't be the ONLY Clinton with a 'legacy.'

So, my spouse speculates, he's injecting himself (as the smartest politican on the planet) into the campaign with gender/race negative politikking, making statements that draws heat on Hillary, in order to make her more attractive as a Vice-Presidential candidate.

Subconsciously speaking.

Of course, I'm not a shrink, but occasionally I play one on the radio. 

Here's the salient point:  Hillary Clinton  will NEVER be bigger in the history books as Bill Clinton is.

There might be something to this speculation.

Just look at what the Liberals are saying about Bill's negative campaigning.

The Anchoress blogs about this possibility as well.