Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Westboro Baptist Church, the fake Christians who protest at the funerals of slain soldiers got slapped by Patriotic Americans of the South yesterday.


I just recieved the links and the fabulous photos of this determined response to insane idiots who belong in jail (if there wasn't a constitution to protect them and the might of the military to preserve it.)


GOE's Larry Bailey, a Southern Gentlemen who loses patience with the sickos, e-mails his description of what happened.


In response to the pitiful gathering of Westboro Baptist Church miscreants near Camp Lejeune, NC, on 1/26/08, the North Carolina chapter of Gathering of Eagles organized a support-the-troops rally alongside a 300-yard stretch of US 17. 

Scores of flags and hand-painted signs adorned the route, and the Eagles stayed at their posts despite a continuing cold drizzle. 

The event was supported by various other patriotic organizations, including Eagles Up and various motorcycle clubs. 

For three hours, Jacksonville, the host city for Camp Lejeune, rang to the sound of beep-beeps, ah-OOH-gahs, honk-honks, and BLA-A-AAAATs as passing vehicles indicated their approval of the pro-troop message the estimated 250 patriots were putting out. Scores of Marines and their family members actually pulled into the parking lot near the gathering to express their appreciation for what the Eagles were doing. 

One of the most memorable was this quote from a Devil Dog: "We just got back from Iraq yesterday, and it's good to see that somebody gives a s__t!"   

One Eagle stated, "This was so good, I'd have PAID to be here!" It was a great day for America and for the US military.  

From Doug Jernigan, of Carson City Nevada:

"It was a beautiful sight.  8 protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church and 200 bikers from the Patriot Guard Riders. 

We were dressed in black leathers and American Flags.  The Sun was bright with snow on the ground and no one saw the protesters. 

When they tried to speak we sang the National Anthem.  After about 1 hour they started to leave and we escorted them to their cars. 

The Commander of the soldiers' unit came out to thank us for being there.

 When I see signs that say "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates You" I get so angry I could scream!
I hope that I don't have to do this again."


Video here



And then get down on your hands and knees and thank the Good Lord we have organizers like Larry, Harry, Chris Hill and thousands of others across America who won't sit still for this oozing pit of humanity called Westboro Baptist Christians.

I salute you folks from my heart!


Here's a picture of my pal Larry with an unidentified babe -- Kristinn Taylor of GOE in the background., and Move America Forward's own Debbie Lee. 


Mystery Babe now identified as Tania Ciolko, but she blogs as "Skye" at Midnight Blue and conducts local support the troops rallies in Westchester, PA.

Beautiful and talented, too!