Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

"Bleep-holes" like Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Brian DePalma and others in Hollyweird can't come close to figuring out how to show America what it is like to fight in Iraq...the gut-wrenching things these guys go through..the incredible courage and heroism to fight this war.

Matt Sanchez, a milblogger who spent seven months in Iraq and Afghanistan, has viewed 30 minutes of a documentary by Pat Dollard, who can drink me under the table, and still engage my heart and brain on the single most important issue of our time: the rise of Radical Islam.

Patrick Dollard's Journey From Hollywood to Iraq

The former Hollywood manager Patrick Dollard, center, in Iraq with Pvt. Zachary Kother, left, and Lance Cpl. Eric Cybulski of the Marines.

Matt has the early review here.

"Dollard trumps the pretenders by giving such an engaging view of Iraq, I found myself watching the 30-minute episode half-way out of my seat. The episode showed the Marine response to a major bombing at the Ramadi glass factory. What follows is not just a CNNesque report on raw violence, but a pulsating pictorial of the effects of terror."