Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Just when I had moused my way to the end of the Internet, I found out a couple of days ago I skipped a blog.

Man, I HATE it when that happens, because as a card-carrying member of the media with over 30 years experience in narcissism and self-idolatry, there is nothing I love better than lording my superior knowledge over everybody else.

It's a gift.

Back to what's-his-name for President.

Oh yeah, Dave Burge a.k.a Iowahawk.

He's tossing the old Fedora into the ring and has quite the platform for motivating Americans.

Just a sample from his website that you might enjoy reading (despite the fact that it's not all about ME.)


"...I have proposed wacky Road-Runner style misdirection signs on the border that read ESTADOS UNIDOS --This Way!"


"..Ask anyone who knows when sober, Dave Burge has the mature, thoughtful judgement called for in 50-60% of foreign policy situations. These same people will tell you that after 8-10 Jager shots, all bets are off..."


"Free smokes and tequila for the elderly."

Now I ask you, what more can you want from a Presidential candidate in these troubled times when we are debating the serious issues before millions of non-serious people?

Besides, anyone with the ability to conceptualize as thoughtful response to the outbreak of homicidal maniacs populating our newsrooms of the Media, and come up with the correct solutions has my vote.


I may be late to the Dave Burge in '08 bandwagon, but I was busy ordering my Tequila Sunrise and puffing away on my butt.

Go Dave (hiccough)!