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The 'vets-as-homicidal maniacs' meme is mocked by Iowahawk ...who has begun tracking reports of crazed reporters, editors and writers on the loose.


After you read this shocking report on media violence, please check out my response to Iowahawk --written from my heart.

Dear Dave,


As a member of the media with over 30 years experience I was DEEPLY moved by the caliber of your reporting with the 'Media Violence Project.'


I am stunned by the depth and complexity of the problem that plagues my industry, and I feel compelled to offer my services for counseling, reconciliation, potential made-for-TV specials that feature ME advising these sad souls on how to come to grips with their violent tendancies, alcoholic behavior, and deep-seated anger towards society.


If (strike that) when you form a Board of Directors for the Project, please consider me. I am happy to send you my resume (which is all about ME) so that you may have the pertinent information available about MYSELF AND MY WORK.


I have posted your complete reporting at my website (again, all about ME and what I THINK) so that other media members may benefit from this compelling look at the problems facing America today with homicidal, suicidal, drunken, spousal-abusing, sign-ripping,fellow ego-driven veterans of radio, television, and print.


The graphics that you designed to illustrate the problem moved me to tears. MY personal favorite was "Journalists Aren't Dangerous. They Are Victims, too."


As I write to you, I feel frightened by the trend line (another great illustration) of increasingly out-of-control impulses by fellow media members.


You have performed a great service for this country.


Sadly, I cannot nominate you for a Pulitizer Award, because, well, the Media Violence Project wasn't about ME, therefore disqualifies from my to-do list today.



Melanie Morgan

KSFO Radio, San Francisco

Chairman, Move America Forward





Dear Ms. Morgan: 

Thank you for your interest in a position at the Media Violence Project.

Unfortunately we cannot offer you a position at this time because, as an actual member of the media, our research indicates you would constitute a probable physical danger to other Project associates. 

Please accept our continued good wishes for your future success, and please be advised we have a well trained security staff. 


David Burge

Director, Media Violence Project

Location Redacted 



Dear Mr. Burge, I am OUTRAGED by your refusal to consider me for a position at the Violence Media Project. I am eminently qualified by my years in the media demonstrating clear patterns of narcissistic behavior, dangerous proclivities towards senseless statements, and incessant impulses towards destructive urges. In fact, I am so f*%!** mad that I may go get my gun.  Strike that---I will get my gun.   Currently, my plan is to shoot an unarmed animal. I do, however, prefer armed animals to make it a fair fight. Warmest Regards,Melanie Morgan